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For Sale
   Spareparts for Presona Balers
       Parts for Tying Unit BN2P (6)
           - Needles - Needleframe BN2P
           - Parts for Pulley with Ring.
           - Parts for Wire Guides, Wire Guards, Pulleys.
           - Twisterunit BN2P
           - Wire Guides BN2P.
           - Wirebreak BN2P.
       Parts for Tying Unit RN2P (7)
       Parts for Eccenter Tying Unit (11)
       Mainpresser Wheels (2)
       Slide Bars (2)
       Seal Kits (1)
       Cylinders (1)
       Electrical Parts (11)
       Hydraulic Parts (3)
       Mecanical Parts (7)
   Used Equipment the Waste Paper Industry
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