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IBS 45:8
Presona Baler LP-80-VHK/2 - 2012
Filling Opening: 1500mm x 1100mm.
Capacity = 560 cubic meters pro hour.
Capacity tons pro hour.
Material 30 kg pro cubic meter = 13 - 17 tons.
Material 50 kg pro cubic meter = 17 - 21 tons.
Material 100 kg pro cubic meter = 21 - 30 tons
Bale size: 1100 x 750 mm x adj.length.
Bale weights: 375 - 450 Kg/m
Wires: 5 Vertical + 3 Horizontal
Press Force: 80 tons.
Specific pressure: 9,5 Kp / cm
Max Oilpressure: 250 Bar.
Oil tank Volume: 2000 l.
Electric Motors: 2 x 45 KW.
All above technical specifications are taken from Presona Leaflet.
This is one of the " Rare " Presona Balers LP80VHK2 with Crosstying.

The Equipment has been in Production 4000 hours,
" 2 Years Normal Job with 40 hours each week ".

Presona has made 2 Servicevisits each Year.

Picture over the Horizontal Tying Unit with 3 wires.

Picture over the Vertical Tying Unit with 5 wires.

Picture from the front part of the Baler.
Picture inside the channel of the Baler.

Looks like brand New.

4000 hours job has not made much wear.
Hooper for the PET Bottles arriving to the Baler.
Electric Cabinet.
Wire Guides.
Wire Guides.
Wire Guides.
Bales made from the PET Bottles.
Bales made from the PET Bottles.
Bales made from the PET Bottles.
Bales made from the PET Bottles.