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IBS 45:4, Restored Presona Baler LP-100-CH4 from 2008, condition like New.
Presona Baler LP-100-CH4 made 2008.
Filling Opening: 1650mm x 1100mm.
Capacity = 600 cubic meters pro hour.
Capacity tons pro hour.
Material 30 kg pro cubic meter = 18 tons.
Material 50 kg pro cubic meter = 21 tons.
Material 100 kg pro cubic meter = 32 tons.
Bale size: 1100 x 750 mm x adj.length.
Baleweights Kg/m = 525 - 725 Kg/m.
Baleweights Bales L = 1,5m = 650 - 900 Kg.
Press Force: 100 tons.
Specific pressure: 120 N / cm
Max Oilpressure: 250 Bar.
Oil tank Volume: 2000 l.
Electric Motors: 2 x 55 KW.
Number of vertical strapping wires: 5.
Weight: 31 tons.

All above technical specifications are taken from Presona leaflets
Are You looking for a Big Presona Baler ?

Presona LP-100-CH4 is The Top of the Line
for Big Presona Balers.

Here You have
The Maximum Density together with
The Very High Capacity and
The Very Low Energy Consume.
We restore one Presona Baler LP-100-CH4 made in 2008.

When it is ready, it will be like New.

Probably ready during Februari - 2020.
11 03 2020.

The Presona Baler LP-100-CH4 from 2008 is now ready,
in condition like New.

Are You interested, please contact me and I will send over
all the information I have over the renovation.

You can here with photoes follow the renovation step by step.